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This plan can be fully customized depending on your interests. If you don't have any thoughts on this, I will take you to Shinjuku to see Tokyo night view, hang out Shinjuke area, go to souvenior shop and eat local foods.
Tour price includes only for guiding you.

Please feel free to ask me, and let me know your interests and what you want to do in tokyo. I will propose several options to you!


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Intelligent, classy and accomplished Nobu-san (who is a tea ceremony Master! showed us so much of Tokyo in a lightning strike 4 hours, using subway amid nutty Sunday crowds. He was wonderful and would have given us more time but we had an early dinner appointment. He is NOT doing it for money but to show foreigners how to enjoy Tokyo, meet people and practice his English. He's a really busy professional (not related to tourism) and helping tourists in his spare time so is very busy and only available at limited times. He has tons of local knowledge and explained a lot of Tokyo that is weird or puzzling to foreigners (and even to other Japanese!) We did -

Shibuya Area -
Hachi Statue (of the famous dog) which a stray cat huddled for shelter
Crazy Shibuya Crossing and view of it from Starbucks
(He protected me while I took photos while crossing)

Akihabara Area -
Electric town
..and walked past Maid Cafes, the famous AKB theater, saw girls dressed as maids paid to innocently accompany and converse with men, and explored famous anime store Mandarake (full of collectors' old toys, Doujin for men or women, dolls and their parts), then ran through Radio Kaikan(a building which rents out displays for collectors selling their figurines in thousands of show cases).
And I tried to play Pachinko but it wasn't worth the 1000 Y fee!

Shinjuku Area
West side and waling over to north of Shinjuku station.
Omoide yokocho (tons of small closet sized restaurant-bars) and a superb tonkatsu curry chain
Don Qijoute, Godzilla road, Kabukicho, Love Hotel area, Golden Gai Bar Area and Hanazono Shrine.

I really recommend you TRY to book time with him. With all the places he showed us, my son and I returned to hang out in, and found fantastic bars and eateries in Shinjuku the next night where we met and chatted with some amazing chefs and a heavy metal bass guitar- playing bartender (yes, go to Turan Bar)!

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Great tour of the area. We had dinner a cool little Izakaya and then he showed me around a shrine, Shinjuku, Golden Gai and Kabukicho. Thanks again!

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Nobuyuki was very knowledgeable about all the places we visited, and I enjoyed spending the day with him. He continued to be helpful after my tour ended by providing me with insight on how to use the transit system and travel to Hakone. I highly recommend booking a tour with Nobuyuki!

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: US$20 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 3 hours

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About LocalHost

Welcome to Tokyo!

I'm working at a foreign-affiliated company, and often host a tour and dinner with people from headquarter after work. Talking with foreigners always makes me fun.
I've been learning Japanese Tea ceremony, The way of Tea, and already got master title. Japanese tea ceremony began more than 400years ago and handed down to present, and you can know essence of it if you would like to.

I like communication with foreign people very much and also like telling about Japanese culture.

In Tokyo there are so many things to see, experience. I guarantee that you can find everything you want and will be satisfied to visiting Tokyo.
I want to help you to raise your satisfactory level. And please feel free to contact me and let me know your interests. I can arrange best plan for you.

Let's have a lot of fun with me!

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