Ameyoko Shopping Street (Ameyoko Arcade, Ameya Yokocho) Tour Guide in Tokyo

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Ameyoko Acade is the most popular shopping street in Tokyo tour. There are many items to bring back as souvenirs. You can find traditional food, cheap clothes, unique items in this street. The area of Asakusa and Akihabara is also near from here, so I think it is convenient to visit to Ameyoko during your trip! I can bring and guide you this place ;-)

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Ameyoko Shopping Street is the place where you can buy some foodstuffs. Special feature of this place is that staff of the shop are really really energetic and often offers discount to us.
(It's unlikely to get discount in Japan usually.)

You can buy crab, soft‐shelled turtle, fresh tuna, and so on. Even if you don't buy anything, you would enjoy atmosphere!

Near Ameyoko Shopping Street, there are a lots of places to see as well such as zoo, several museums where you can watch work of art from all over the world.

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Ameyoko Street is near Tokyo station.
It has many local foods and clothing store.
You can also buy many variety of souvenirs :)

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Ameyoko is local shopping street but it has become popular as you can buy in resonable price. not only food, but also bag, cosmetic, sport cloth etc. I think it's good to see as you compare with Harajuku area(famous shopping area).

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Always there are many people at Ameyoko Shopping Street. You can buy anything here. Fish, sweet, clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. And Ameyoko Arcade is one of a few places in Japan where you can bargain price. (Basically, we buy and sell at a fixed price. No bargain.)
Lots of tourists visit here with a guide book or by a tour, but here is also the place for locals. Ameya Yokocho is the market you feel energy of people:)

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