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NOV 2013 / Taipei Travel Plan


Language: 日本語, English

My name is Taleshi Hamano.
I am a web director in Osaka.

Under studying English !!

I have been living in Osaka since I was born,for 33 years.
So I know Osaka well.

What do you like?
Japanese Comics or local food or temple or shopping or movie and so on.
There are anything in Osaka!

I'll go with you wherever you want to go in Osaka .
There many tourist spot and a lot of fun places in Osaka,for example , Osaka castle ,Tsutenkaku,USJ.
I am anything OK!!

What dou you want to eat?
Sushi,Okonomiyaki,Yakitori,Takoyaki,Kushikatu, Which one do you want to eat?

There is Japanese local culture in Osaka, which is anime.
Do you like anime?
I know anime , I had watching since childhood.
If you like it,I recommend the Nihonbashi.
The Nihonbashi is famous place as anime's culture.

Whatever you want to do , leave it to me!!

I wanna make friends all over the world.

Let's enjoy travel with me!!

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Dotonbori Tour!

Price: US$10

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Meetrip is a great concept. I recently traveled to Japan with my mum and had the pleasure of meeting the very friendly Takeshi who guided us around Osaka. He met us at our hotel as we had planned and took us to the busy shopping precinct of Dotombori. We also caught a Japanese comedy show before having a traditional meal at one of his favourite restaurants, where we also met his delightful friend Risa. She accompanied us for the rest of the day where we visited Osaka Castle. Afterwards they returned us safely to our hotel. We had trouble finding an ATM that would take our credit cards, and Takeshi went out of his way to help us find one. If you're visiting Osaka and want a great day out then I highly recommend Takeshi, who will treat you just like one of his friends.

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