Hello. Do you know anywhere cheap and good to stay in Kuala Lumpur as I am coming by myself? Thanks :)


Stringio Wai

Hello chika ^^
when you will be coming?

Open-uri20130128-3297-trkeln?1359384195 Chika
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Hi =) Urm I think I can go this spring.

Stringio Jinghong
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It is raining season in KL. You should bring along your umbrella

Stringio Jinghong
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Maybe you can consider Tune hotel. http://www.tunehotels.com/my

Open-uri20121223-4887-15f24m?1356232600 Elaine
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U can also check put www.myhotels.com.my They have more branches and affordables with WIFI too.

Thanks :') .. Its really good imformation to me

I hv booked the hotel from Agoda.com and u can take a look also:)

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