Cai Be Flower Market Tour!

Cai Be Flower Market Tour!

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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Activity Detail

Duration: 10 hours

Places to Guide: Cai Be Flower Market

A floating market is a market where goods are sold from boats. Originating in times and places where water transport played an important role in daily life, most floating markets operating today mainly serve as tourist attractions, and are chiefly found in Mekong delta ( Can Tho Province). Beside floating market, I will bring you to tropical fruit garden and have lunch here before we come back HCMC.
This activity starts at 4am. Back to HCMC at 3pm. It s gonna take you 3 hours to reach to Mekong. And 3 hours to come back HCMC.
Mekong is one of the must-place to go in VietNam. Last time, I came to Mekong, i luckily met a famous women who was in a famous reality show-Gordon Ramsay's great escape. I hope that you're lucky like me ;).If you are interested in my activity, dont hesitate to ask me. It s my pleasure to be ur tour guide.

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