Go to Binh Tay Market!
Lim’s Ho Chi Minh City Trip

Binh Tay Market front view - cover photo
APR 2014

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Stringio Lim
About my Ho Chi Minh City travel:
  • I want to go to Binh Tay Market!
  • I want to local food
Img_20140416_114534 Tâm (Ho Chi Minh City)

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City Lim.
Let me bring you explore HCMC.
Beside HCMC, Mekong delta is well-known as a must place to go in VietNam.Only 3-4hours to reach there by bus.
For more information, just feel free to ask me ;)

Stringio Lim


Img_20140416_114534 Tâm (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi Lim, for more information, pls check out my activities ;) or text me message through meetrip ;)

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