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Hi,There! I'm Miho, please call me MIHO:-)
I'm officer at specialised trading company for precise manufacturing in Japan, but I decided to go to study about Hospitality and Tourism in Siam University, Bangkok from this August.If you have a travel plan for Bangkok, please contact me. I'll bring you thai tour and accomoditity;)
Ah...So, Sorry I won't meetrip in Japan from this August to next January...;(

(A bit of Me)
I love natures, traveling, touching another cultures and meeting the people from all over the world!;-) Sometimes, I do YOGA, it is very essential activity for my health. Pls,I love wacthing movies.(My BEST3 1'Butterflyeffect2'crash3'LEON...more!)
I love smiling the best;)haha

(Traveling road)
I have ever visited in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia!!I wanna go to Ireland someday, that why I would like to see the Aurora once in my lifetime;)

(My recommendation)
Great big buddah(鎌倉大仏),Enoden(江ノ電),Hasedera(長谷寺),Boiled white bite-don(釜揚げしらす丼)
Tsurugaoka-hachiman-gu(鶴岡八幡宮), Komachidouri(小町通り),Kenchoji(建長寺),Meditation(座禅)

Looking forward to meet you!!

Reviews about Miho's Activities (10)

Wow what a tour this was. First off many thanks to Miho for taking the time to create this tour. We had good fun all thorough out the day . I was picked up at Kamakura station. We then proceed on a bus to Enoshima. A small island connected by a bridge from the main land. A wow what was it hot that day. A cool breeze from the sea helped a bit. We stopped at a restaurant for Nama Shirasu Don. A beautiful rice bowl topped with fish eggs, Nama, Salmon and Jack something (i forgot the name) Delicious. We then made a short stroll over Enoshima. I saw a large shell with a huge sea slug being offered to eat. And i had seen it before in a food program. So we tried it out. Not much success. Very chewy and bitter. We then made a stroll over the bridge to the train that would take us to see the big Daibutsu Buddha, This statue, made of bronze. We also had the opportunity to go inside of the buddha. After this visit we arrived a a temple with all kinds of different shrines around. A lot of stairs, but a beautiful view over the city and beaches. As well as a beautiful garden around. After the temple it was time for another short train ride to Kita-Kamakura. Here we were just in time to take part in a meditation session in a wonderful temple. Sitting in the lotus position. Expect sore legs. Wow really painful. But only for a few seconds. An explanation was done by the temple high monk about what to do with life. Very interesting. After this we had a nice dinner in Kamakura center. This was a great closure of the tour. A really relaxing tour if you stayed in busy tokyo for a couple of days. A nice way to appreciate the silence again. I can really recommend Miho as a tour guide. Easy to communicate with. Very helpful. Again Miho thank you for that day.

Meaningful, Imaginative, Hope, Openness, is MIHO she is enthusiasm..which help me through my journey in wonderful tokyo.She would pay attention to every detail I gave, even the very minor details ,she really would remembered and apply it, to suit my amazing trip in Tokyo. I was really glad to have known Miho. She speak very well English language and of course Japanese & I learned Japanese language from Miho too. Even before I reach Japan , she already been helping me a lot, contact the places(Inn) I'm staying, giving me information about the Inn,she even contact the inn to inform about my late arrival to inn, which make me very grateful. Especially I'm travel for first time in a concrete jungle ,wonderful Tokyo. She prepare a memo detail & information (home-made pamphlet) to me. What more could I ask, she's amazing!! Let's begin the journey, Firstly ,we went to a fine Ramen Restaurant(taste awesome) and i ordered big-size-bowl ,its really big bowl of delicious ramen! Which I took about 38mins to finish & Miho wouldn't mind to wait me finish my ramen. Then we walk to Shibuya Parco, to visit Medicom Toy Exhibition ,we see many different kind of figure toys and Be@rbrick! I'm loving it! Miho like it too, contagious Medicom Toy. It's my birthday , Miho got me a Birthday-special-version Be@rbrick as present to me. I'm very happy as I'm getting a Birthday Edition(limited-edition) Be@rbrick on my first time birthday in wonderful Tokyo. After that, we continue to Akihabara . It would be my first visit to Akihabara ,& both of us were very surprised ! Otaku culture is interesting and fun. I'm having so much fun because Miho know every alley in Akihabara so I could get myself many figure toys at very good price and rare figure toys! We went to a big building of arcade game center ,amazing! Otaku is so fun! The journey haven't done. We continue to a Maid-Cafe!! for me is First-Timer, and it's kinda embarrass for me ,as I'm first-timer, but when Miho is around, it was so much fun! we were having good conversation with each other and with "maid" too.. Time flies so fast..especially when Miho is around.. Thank you very much Miho Domo arigatogozaimashita. Cheers!juno

Reviews by Miho (4)

Mariko is reliable, kind, always a smiley person! She shows me to mysterious and retro spots in Akihabara! I can rediscover about Akihabara culture. First,we visited Meido-cafe which name is @HOME Cafe has lots of lovely staff, I could not believe the inimitable world. Next, we moved around lots of shop which selling the Famicon(video games),Character's figure and small toys. I was very amazed about the shop specialised variety of capsule-toy vending machine;-O Kitchen-Jiro is old-fashioned restaurant, so I tried to eat the big meat-bun... I will never forget the very nice taste.;) Finally, we enjoyed Super-potato selling retro game shop!

I would not have discovered the true of Akiba culture without her company. Thanks Very much Mariko-san!!



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