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Language: 日本語, English

► About Me
-I am a professional Sushi Instructor who speak both Japanese and English.
-I graduated from Tokyo Sushi Academy and got my Diploma in Japanese Traditional Style
Sushi in 2015.
- I have taught more than 300 tourists how to make sushi.
- I studied English in Vancouver, Canada when I was a university student.
- I love touching upon different cultures and talking with international tourists.

► My Hobbies
- Making Sushi, Teaching Sushi and Eating Sushi.

► My best travel experience
- Amazing scenery in Banff Canada, Grand Canyon USA, Night View of Taxco in Mexco.

Reviews about Hidetomo's Activities (2)

DO NOT MISS experience of a professional sushi teacher (took year for qualifications at prestigious school) who speaks English, and is the nicest person, happy and loves teaching. He teaches at a medium high level enough so you can REALLY make your own California rolls, decorative rolls and nigiri (the sushi that has a tablespoon of rice with a sliced piece of topping). Communication excellent and very clear - you do need to take a train out of Central Tokyo to Tsunashima Station in a southwestern ward of the city, about 30 to 50 minutes out depending on the train transfers which are really easy for me a 1st time explorer here. I wanted to special class, paying for my own salmon and tuna, and Chef Hide agreed to teach me how to slice the fish which is VERY difficult. He made sure my adult son and I practiced many times even making the little rice beds (called shall by sushi chefs) which also difficult as it has to adhere without being squished to pulp! My son did amazingly actually producing restaurant quality nigiri (surprising chef Hide) while, I an experienced well traveled cook, sucked. But he was so clear in teaching that I am confident more practice will knock my guests socks off - you wont find a teacher as comprehensive, patient and generous with time anywhere else. I've taken cooking classes in at least 8 countries and this was one of the most enjoyable. It was so much more than a sushi class - we enjoyed the little town and chef Hide's family. His two comedy-loving and friendly young sons were entertainment all on their own. I really loved seeing such an otherwise unknowable part of Japan…I recommend 10000% ! Note - chef Hide usually teaches 7 nigiri toppings and two kinds of rolls, but I focused on cutting and using two types of fish topping, I would not recommend if you are not already really skilled with a knife as sushi knives are surgically sharp.

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