Male Tomoki

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Language: 日本語, English

Hi! I'm an Air bnb host in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.

Since I grew up around here, and I'm living here right now, I can take you real local places. Unfortunately it's not easy to communicate in English in Tokyo, I'm sure I'll be helpful for you:)

- I'm a Japanese guy who was born in Tokyo in 1981.

- Job : running some my own businesses as a freelancer in Tokyo.

- Places I lived : Tokyo, Kanagawa(Japan), Wellington, Christ church(NZ), Zhangjiagang(China),Bangkok(Thailand)

- Hobbies : Guitar, Darts, Scuba diving, Camera, Drinking, Cooking, eating, traveling, computing.

- Languages : Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese, Thai(just a little bit though.)

I can't wait to see you here in Tokyo!

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