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Welcome to Tokyo!!

► About Us
I live in Tokyo for 20 years and I'm university student in Tokyo. Basically I'll guide you with my friend who is same university student as me. His name is Kaito. We have been abroad for studying English 2 times. We can't speak Engilish well, but We hope to talk with you in English.
We like communication with foreign people very much and also like telling about Japanese culture.
-Anyway we grew up in Tokyo so we have confidence that we'll show a good place not many people know about in Tokyo. Probably you can see another part of Tokyo.
Let's hang out with us!
► Our Hobbies
maiking coffee/fashion/a cappella/travelling
► Countries We visited before
Australia/Singapore/Taiwan/New Zealand

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Offering Activities

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