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Language: English, 日本語

► About Me
-Hi :) I'm a university student majoring in political science and German studies. Feel free to text me ;D
Before joining this website, I showed people around Tokyo 7 times. All of them were from the Internet.
Ïñśtägräm: maikaakiammaika
► My Hobbies
- trying new things, eating, "kawaii", Final Fantasy 10, watching movies, ballet, singing, different culture, taking pictures, learning English and German, hanging out with friends

► My best travel experience
- Northern Germany
Adelaide and Sydney, Australia
Guam, USA
Copenhagen, Denmark
Malmö, Sweden

I've also been to Malaysia, Helsinki Airport in Finland, and Dubai Airport in UAE.

Reviews about Maika's Activities (3)

Maika was a great tour guide. She was very welcoming, friendly and easily made us at home and comfortable. Maika is great at keeping communication lines open. She was quick in responding to email or text messages and was right on time to meet with us. Maika was flexible in adjusting to the change of venue for meet-up and tried to provide us with information regarding the places we went to. For instance, we met at Roppongi Hills but needed to take the train to Harujuku and Omotesando. Maika was prepared to help us in every way. She mapped out the train schedule and gave us advice regarding buying suica or passmo train passes. Maika also provided us with some background information regarding the area we visited. Maika pointed out places where we can purchase souvenir from Japan, such the the one in Takeshita-dori. Maika was able to provide a few food recommendations. While Maika is relatively new at this business, she has great potential particularly with English speaking tourists. Maika has a good command of the English language both in the written and spoken language. We are positive that as Maika becomes more experienced with being a guide, she will be able to create itineraries, schedule and provide background information regarding the history and culture of the region. along the way, customized for any tourist wishing to get assistance from a guide who is Japanese but speaks English well. It was great getting to know Maika and will recommend her to other friends who maybe visiting Japan soon. Based on our interaction and experience, we give Maika a 3.5 out of 5.

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