Language: 日本語, English

About myself:
Tokyo born, raised. Lived overseas for several years in childhood.

Favorite travel destinations:
Where there is a huge nature. Visited Canada, NZ with working holiday, lived in US for several years. Recently wanted to explore Asian countries more.

cooking something that has interesting procedure, hiking, cycling, singing, doing nothing at cafe

Any food just am not fan of shrimp. Basically loves meat, white rice.
Also big fan of sweet stuff and cheap snacks (dagashi). You can tell easily if you see my stomach.

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Yoh-san is the man! Smart, chatty, energetic, fun-loving and perceptive of tourist needs, he works in another industry but helps tourists on his free weekends to practice English and meet travelers; he really knows what makes for an insider experience in Tokyo. Best of all he becomes a friend... He took my family to- Tsukiji Area (inner and outer market where we saw seafood stalls with local produce and I bought a top notch sushi knife while learning about the blades with Yoh-san's translation help); we also went to an INCREDIBLE sushi restaurant in a little side street that a writer friend recommended but we would not have found without Yoh-san. A side note here - I treat my local guides to the same meals and drinks as mine - that's up to you although I really recommend it. We also visited Ueno Station Area and surrounding attractions. We walked through park where we saw some kimono clad beauties, and the passed by a shrine. We also visited Ameyayokocho and the fascinating long lines of shops built UNDER the railway tracks near Ueno-okachimachi Station. We shopped and played mean rounds of Taiko drumming at an arcade game hall. Enjoyed an hour hanging out at a street-side Izayaka (a Japanese gastropub) crowded with merry makers and tried a deep fried bean pastry Asakusa Area We walked through shopping alleys to the oldest Tokyo shrine, Sensoji Temple, and went to a charming and tourist-free traditional clothing store (with very comfy but funny-looking traditional underclothing!)

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