Sushi Making with Yukata in Kitasenju

Sushi Making with Yukata in Kitasenju

Tokyo, Japan


Hi, I am Naoya. I want to share Japanese culture, especially sushi making. To learn something local is interesting. Let's enjoy Japan. (read more)

Activity Detail

Duration: 3 hours

Places to Guide: Asakusa

Do you love Japan?
I'd like you to experience Japanese culture.
Do you know how to make sushi?
Sushi-making is really interesting. Can you believe you can make tasty sushi by yourself?

-What you can experience in the event-
・Wear Yukata, Japanese traditional clothes
・Learn Japanese letters
・Learn how to use chopsticks
・Learn Japanese phrases
・Learn sushi jargon
・Learn how to make Kazari-maki
・Learn how to make Gunkan-maki
・Learn how to make Nigiri-sushi

The fee includes foods, rental fee of Yukata, picture data I take for you.
I will prepare everything for you so you don't have to bring anything.

Of course, Japanese people can join the event. Let's enjoy sushi making.

Feel Japan! Enjoy Japan!

Discuss your travel plan! The local host wants to hear what you are interested in doing.

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Reviews (7)

Naoya's Sushi class is way better than what I was expecting at first. The event was well organized and everything went smoothly. He also created games for the participants to get everyone engage in his lesson while having fun at the same time. I really learned a lot from him, from sushi-eating manners to making sushi. His sushi making class is one of my most memorable experience in Japan.

Naoya is an awesome teacher and we had a lot of fun together! The Sushi was super delicious and we learned also about Japanese Culture! Definitely worth the money.

Wow what a day.naoya is a great teacher and host. We learnt to make great sushi and also history and the art of sushi. It was fun and entertaining.

Sushi making with Naoya was fantastic! He not only covered sushi making, but basic Japanese expressions and sushi trivia. I'd always thought that sushi making would be hard, but with Naoya, he makes it easy to make good looking and awesome tasting sushi, whilst learning more about Japan. I recommend that everyone take this tour.

The sushi making tour with Naoya is not just all about sushi making. Naoya thoughtfully planned the activities before the actual sushi-making itself. I really enjoyed the introduction to Japanese, and of course the actual sushi making. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, starting with Naoya and Aya's warm smiles up to the sushi lunch. Naoya was also accomodating enough to recommend some places in Tokyo.

It is a memorable experience in my trip to japan. I enjoyed learning to make sushi with Naoya. Naoyo is nice and friendly. I definitely recommend you to join this!

Naoya is awesome! He is very gentle and kind. The tour is informative. Sushi I made was really tasty because he had prepared fresh fish. Sushi making was interesting. Thank you so much. I had wonderful time!!!!

Discuss your travel plan! The local host wants to hear what you are interested in doing.

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