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Nihonbashi Ra-men Night

I will take to a tour of Japanese traditional tastes finished with Ramen.

Map-pin-grey Tokyo, Japan

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I take you to one of my recommended ra-men restaurants in Shinjuku. You can of course select one. I will help you to order, customize and enjoy ra-men!!

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I was excited to meet a local person to show me around and very relieved too because I wouldn't know how to order in a Japanese restaurant. I would be so lost!

Hideaki san was friendly and spoke english well. He brought me to a quaint ramen place where we had to place our order using a vending machine like system. It was definitely my first time ordering a meal in this fashion. The ramen shop seats about a dozen people in a bar like style.

It was so good! I would have never found the place it by myself! Much less order from it.

Hideaki san even took me to try out sake and we talked about the rich historical culture of Japan such as Ukioye. He ended bringing me to a historical bridge that was the main entrance to Tokyo going way back to the Edo period.

It was a good evening and I'm glad to have met a friend like Hideaki san. Will definitely recommend him to anyone going to Tokyo and looking for a relaxing evening with good company.


Hideaki and his girlfriend took me and my BF out for Ramen in Shinjuku. The BF loves anything containing noodles so ramen was a '"must on our to do list. I am pescetarian and therefore finding ramen is difficult, since most places serve theirs with meat or a meat based broth.
Hideaki did some research and found a place close to our hotel serving seafood only ramen I was able to eat. The restaurant was exactly what we were looking for, a hole in the wall filled with locals and not tourists. We enjoyed drinks and slurped ramen over talks of baseball.
My best dining experiences while in Japan were hands down the ones with Meetrip guides. It is easy ending up in mediocre restaurants or ordering the wrong things from Japanese only menus without a local guide. I highly recommend Hideaki, he is professional, reliable and speaks excellent English.


Had a good time meeting up with Hideaki and getting the insider knowledge on Shinjuku and Kabukicho areas of Tokyo. We had some great Ramen, then walked around before hitting a few bars. Nice guy, and really fun to be around. Thanks!


: US$15 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 1 hour

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Welcome to Tokyo!! I want people from abroad enjoy stay in Tokyo. I like to play basketball and watch NBA games. I live in Nihonbashi and know good and reasonable restaurants there.

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