Leave your unforgettable memory!My hospitality is best in all of guide 1
Leave your unforgettable memory!My hospitality is best in all of guide 2
Leave your unforgettable memory!My hospitality is best in all of guide 3

Leave your unforgettable memory!My hospitality is best in all of guide

My tour is expensive. But there is a reason. I will make my original plan for each persons without your burden. I reply your messages within a day.I'm proud of

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My plan near Tokyo, including Tokyo, is best if you wanna leave your best tour to me without your burden because I have lived in Tokyo for 7years.
So I can say my hospitality is best.
I recommend that you should leave your tour to local people who is familiar with the place.
I'm specialist in Tokyo tour. So I can help you for your best trip.
For example, do you know Yanesenn? It's a historical place like Kyoto.
I know a lot of places like being glad for foreigners.

My plan is a little expensive.
But can you imagine the emotion after you finish the trip? Is it glad ? Is it happy? Is it bad?
If you wanna say it's best in your life, please leave me the role!!!
It's worth applying my tour.
Sometimes you will be reminded about this tour in the future.
Let's make a memory remaining in your mind together!!

Or I can take you anywhere you wanna go. If you don't have your request, I will make a plan for you to enjoy.

For example, I can tour you in the afternoon, we are apart at once, and later you can stay in a room in Kokubunji in the night.

Moreover I can prepare for your room. I lived in a dormitory in Kokubunji near Kitijoji in Tokyo.
We have a room you can stay for only +1080yen per night (not per person!) in the dorm until 5 members. You don't need to reserve a hotel. But it's only one room. So you should reserved it if you wanna use it.

After all, it costs you 20$ per person and ¥1080 totals if you stay in the dorm. Please let me know if you wanna stay in the dorm.
(Of course it only costs you 20$ per person if you stay in the dorm. It's just option)

I can adjust the length of the time that I tour you if you wanna spread 4 hours.

Thank you!!

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I had a great time with Ryu and his friend Yosuke. He is a really nice guy and interesting to talk to. If you need a guide definitely choose Ryu!


: US$30 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 4 hours

About LocalHost

The memory remaining in your mind...

Hi, My name is Ryutaro. Please call me Ryu!
Thank you for visiting my profile.

I love to communicate with various people, especially foreign people in English because I can spread my value and become to know new world.
What I'm good at is playing sports, touring Tokyo.
I can correspond any request. I will do my best.
Please tell me if you hope to be guided.
Thank you!!










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