Ebisu: Visit Beer Museum & Have a YakiNiku Dinner  1
Ebisu: Visit Beer Museum & Have a YakiNiku Dinner  2
Ebisu: Visit Beer Museum & Have a YakiNiku Dinner  3

Ebisu: Visit Beer Museum & Have a YakiNiku Dinner

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Let`s check out Ebisu! Not many tourists go there but is a cool part of Tokyo. Interesting back streets to wander, a huge variety of restaurants, bars and cafes & a cool vibe. We can do lots of things but Ebisu was once home to a huge Sapporo Beer brewery. There is a cool little museum (with samples for purchase) and the area has many "yakiniku" restaurants. These are places where you grill meat and it is actually Korean but now the Japanese have adopted it and changed it to their tastes. Quite a lot of fun to cook your dinner! There used to many Korean laborers at the brewery when it was up and running, hence the restaurants. (Meal price is not included as there are budget options as well as high-end ones). Meet in Ebisu on the Yamanote line. Best to begin the tour about 4pm.


: US$20 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 2 hours

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Hi Friends - I`m a 12 year resident of Tokyo and have shown many visitors around as I enjoy the feeling of seeing the city fresh, through their eyes. Tokyo has an amazing mix of ancient and modern, traditional and on the edge.

I can explain the culture and history, as well as seeing the sights and eating delicious food. Living here is like peeling an onion, there is always another fascinating layer underneath.

Let`s go to some mouth-watering restaurants, old-fashioned shopping areas with "atmosphere" and cool bars that are not listed in guide books.

I`ve travelled quite a bit myself and I know having a local person to show you the out-of-the-way places REALLY makes a difference.

Working in Asia for many years now, I`ve also lived in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and have travelled to over 40 countries along the way. I escaped from the NYC area, USA, in my late teens.

I`m a non-smoker and social drinker, really into micro-brews and wine. I enjoy cuisine from just about anywhere, favorites being Italian, Middle Eastern, Thai and Indian. Of course, I love just about all Japanese food (especially sushi) & Tokyo offers hundreds and hundreds of excellent restaurants/bars/cafes in all price ranges from reasonable to insanely high-priced luxury.

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