Go to Tsukiji Fish Market!
Melanie’s Tokyo Trip

fish shops at Tsukiji Fish Market - cover photo
MAY 2014

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About my Tokyo travel:
  • I want to go to Tsukiji Fish Market!
  • I want to eat very local foods and discover Tokyo's culture
Open-uri20121113-25156-cl3py5?1352733600 Ryota (Tokyo)

Hi, Melanie. I'm Ryota. Tsukiji Fish Market is best to eat breakfast in Tokyo. I can guide you this area in early morning.
And then, do you know Monjayaki? This is very local food in Tokyo. You can eat it near Tsukiji Fish Market.

Open-uri20140429-11582-1fbmi68?1398767495 Keisuke (Tokyo)

Welcome to Tokyo!
I will help your trip and enjoy together!


please have a look at my plan:)
thank you.

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