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Yanaka is very rastic and nostalgic place. Yanaka Ginza(谷中銀座商店街) is the MUST street to go. There are many shops local people like. Especially I recommend you "Himitsudo(ひみつ堂)" that serves shaved ice with sweet syrup. It's a rare restaurant even in Japan not in a guide book. Pumpkin taste is the most recommended menu.

And Yanaka Cemetery(谷中霊園) is suitable for taking a walk in the condition of having a feeling never felt before. If Spring between late March and early April, the cherry trees will be in full blossom. You can feel wonderful atmosphere.

Hope you have great tour in Tokyo. Enjoy ;-)

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Yanaka is a small area around Ueno. Maybe it’s not in your guide book. You might feel Asakusa is traditional downtown, but actually Aakusa is a tourism place now. If you want to discover an alive and real Japanese traditional downtown, Yanaka is your choice. The closest station is Nippori(日暮里), two stations from Ueno. You should visit Yanaka Ginza (谷中銀座), shopping mall for local locals, and Yanaka Cemetery (谷中霊園), a cemetery but nice area for a walking tour:)

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yanaka is very local town. there are still good old things so you can see how Japanese live. I usually take you on my tour. because I don't make it popular as Japanese tradition like Asakusa. but, if you want to go, I'll guide you.

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Nice place to have cheap yakitori, deep fried stuff and to feel the old street atmosphere. It is residential area so you can see how local ppl are spending the day. Also not so far from Ueno park so i recommend to just walk to the park as well.

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In Yanaka, and around there, you can feel Japanese local atmosphere.
There is not touristic place.
So, maybe it's really different from your country and you can discover many things!! You can feel how Japanese live.

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