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Asakusa Senso-ji - cover photo

"Asakusa Senso-ji" - Asakusa Local Tour

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I'm going to tell you my Best View spot of Asakusa!!
It is a view terrace of the eighth floor of Asakusa Culture Tourism Center(浅草文化観光センター).
Anyone can enter for free!!

It is the view spot of which a town of Asakusa can get a bird's-eye view!
And you can also see Tokyo Sky Tree and headquarter building of Asahi Breweries(It has a very unique form. It looks like a glass beer!!Do you believe it?).

Since it is open till 22:00 at night, you can also see a beautiful night view from there!!

So I recommend you to start this place and to make this place the goal, when you come to Asakusa!!

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Asakusa is the easiest spot that you can enjoy the old days Tokyo atmosphere. Asakusa is normally featured by your guide book and package tours. If you have time, it’s a nice idea to walk to Kitchen town (Kappabashi) from Asakusa. Kappabashi is a shopping street where professionals buy kitchen goods and artificial foods to display. They are for professionals, but you can buy! (Be careful, most of shops are closed on weekends. )

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Do you like sweets?
Have you ever eat Japanese sweets then?
There are lot of Japanese sweets shop in Asakusa!!
For example,Ningyo-yaki(人形焼き)
Agemanjyu(揚げ饅頭) & Dango(だんご) etc..

Try to eat us in Asakusa!!

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it's a nice place to feel the shitamachi (downtown) atmosphere, you can find souvenirs easily, and also can see professionals making senbei (rice crackers) real time.

Also lots of reasonable price Japanese restaurants in the area. Minkuchi shokudou is quite popular among tourists due to the amount and the price.

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Every Japanese traditional goods are gathered here. So Asakusa is popular among Japanese people, too.

I recommend totake man powered car,Jinrilisha and look around slowly with the comfortable swing of the car.

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I recommend Amuse Museum in Asakusa Tokyo. It’s located next to the Sensoji Temple. The museum focuses on traditional Japanese culture and exhibits a variety of Japanese crafts, fabrics, and paintings. In Ukiyoe Theater on 6th floor, you can see several digital Ukiyoe prints. With magnified prints and humorous English subtitles, you will learn and enjoy not only the history of Ukiyoe printings but also the mystery of them. While watching the prints, I felt as if I were standing next to the Ukiyoe artist and watching the model.

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Asakusa has already become a big spot of sightseeing even Japanese traveller. I often go as guide but very few local people are there whis means almost all people there are tourist. however you should see many places and they give you what Tokyo is.

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Of course, Senso-ji Temple is the highlight in Asakusa tour in Tokyo. Still more, I recommend you go to catfish(なまず) and eel(どじょう) restaurants “Komagata Doseu(駒形どぜう本店)”. Many Japanese think it is strange to eat it. But it’s special unique Japanese food and really tasty. Would you like it?? :) Also I can guide you around Asakusa(^O^)

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Asakusa is okay. For me, it's not fun place but for foreigner it might be fun cuz street is like traditional style, Especially near Sensoji(浅草寺).

Ah, I've been to Hanayashiki(花屋敷) near Sensoji, which is an Japanese style amusement park. A haunted house was scary as far as I remember.You can enjoy Japanese style ghost.
Mind you! My memory was when I was 10 years old.

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