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Originally, Omoide Yokocho was called Shonben Yokocho (which means “Pee Back Street”) decades ago. After the world war Ⅱ, people began to buy and sell anything here and people peed around shops because there was no toilet here (There is a public rest room now!). So, this back street is real, not for tourism. You can feel the old Tokyo.
Tour companies are not interested in here, but some guide books covers, so there are foreigners sometimes. Local people will warmly welcome you!

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Omoide Yokocyo is a small dirty back street near the Shinjuku station.
But, there are a lot of old japanese style pubs.
So, you can feel the old Japan, and eat some Japanese food like a yakitori, sushi, oden and etc….
if you feel the old Japan, you should go to the Omoide Yokocyo.

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Omoide(means "memories")Yokocho(means "narrow street") is an old street where you can try many kinds of Japanese foods and drinks. There is an unique atmosphere there and once you come into the street, you'll feel like getting back to old Japan! xx

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Omoide Yokocho(思い出横丁) in Shinjuku Tokyo is a nostalgic and rustic street not in a guide book or package tour. There are a lot of small Izakaya(Japanese style pub). You can eat Japanese food and drink alcohol which local people like, for example Yakitori(roast chicken), Soba, Sushi and Sake(Japanese alcohol). If you go upstairs at some Izakaya, you may sit down on Tatami(Japanese traditional mat). Please feel the real Japan.

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