Shibuya Center Town Tour Guide in Tokyo

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You can enjoy Shibuya Center Town tour quickly for 30 minutes. Just in front of Shibuya station, there is Hachiko, a small dog statue. I don’t think it is worth taking time to see this, but it’s in your guide book anyway. Then, watching Shibuya Crossing. If you come here at night, you can watch tons of people walking the crossing at the same time. Then, go to Shibuya 109, girly clothes and accessory shopping building, a mecca for Japanese cute culture. Just in front of Shibuya 109, there is a Pachinko (Japanese casino) shop. I highly recommend just take a look inside Pachinko shop to see the real Japan.

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The highlight of Shibuya Crossing is weekend night!! It is the one of most favorable spot for those who are photographed in guide book of Tokyo tour. If you walk this crossing in the weekend night, you will be surprised at it! It’s like a kind of festival! So many people! But any festival does not held on. It’s usual in Tokyo ;) I hope you have super crazy things in this spot.

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You know, Shibuya Center Town is the busiest place in the world. Starbucks in that area is the busiest among any starbucks all over the world.

There are a lots of places such as shopping mall, Izakaya, Karaoke. However, thing that is the most outstanding is the number of people.

It's so many people like army ants.
The scene might give you some question about civilized society.

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Mariko Tanaka


Shibuya Center Town is the most famous spot in Japan.

1.Hachiko Statue is the most popular meeting place.
So many people are meeting and taking photos everyday.

2.In front of Hachiko Statue, there is a green train.
This is a tourism association.
If you have any question,
you can ask the staff inside the train.

3.Shibuya Crossing is the most famous crossing in Japan.
So many people cross the road at the same time,
when the light turns green.
People are coming from all directins.
It's amazing!

You can enjoy Japanese city culture at Shibuya Center Town!

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Shibuya is one of the most futuristic place on earth.

I often walked around Shibuya area.

Let's walk around Shibuya with me:)

I have my tour on Shibuya :)

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it's like " the source of Tokyo " especially for young culture. Really interesting place for trip, I can guide you Cuz usually working near here.

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Shibuya is big town along with Shinjuku and Ikeburo in west side of Tokyo. it calls for young people in their 20s. Shibuya croosing is an interesting place as so many people walk at the same time. 109 is cloth shop especially the buildnig for women is beyond your understanding.

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I (we ) will introduce you to the “real” Japanese young culture.
I(we) take you to a Game Center where Both adults and children can enjoy can enjoy shooting games, music based games, fighting games, prikura, metal arm games and many more!
Geme Centers can be found anywhere in Tokyo, so we can do this tour pretty much everywhere in Tokyo!

Details of the tour
Price: the price does not include money you spend in the Game Center
Meeting point: Let's decide it upon discussion

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