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Taipei, Taiwan



Language: English, 日本語, 中文

Life that shall send
A challenge to its end,
And when it comes,
say, "Welcome, friend."

hallo! I'm Kerry, or other wise known as the adventurous, crazy, energic one. I love discovering new places. I would like to drive all around Africa, cross desert, climb mountains, run marathons, bungee jump, mountain bikes, scuba dives, and snorkel every where---because I'm practically a fish myself. As for trying new thins, I would like to ride an ostrich. what can I say. Animals love me, and I love them too. Especially of they are rare. I'm a great communicator, I love meeting people, and I'm immersing myself in other culture, I read newspaper and magazine articles, and kept a journal and blog on my website to share my experiences with others. Also I would like to be a charity fund raiser and tour guide, by the way, I have a bachelor of arts and keen interest in photography.

Reviews about Kerry's Activities (19)

Kerryさんに太平洋自行車さんにご案内戴きました.社長の林正義氏は知る人ぞ知る自転車のデザイナーであり巨匠です.急な台湾旅行でしたが,彼女が社長との面会を仲介してくれたお蔭で,林社長自らが4時間近くも色々説明をして下さいました.太平洋自行車は台北市内からは離れていて,車で往復3時間掛かりました.台北市内へ戻ってからも,同行した娘の希望により小籠包の店へ行き,その帰りには中正紀念堂の儀仗兵交代の見学も案内して貰いました.娘とは同年代で,良い友人が出来たと喜んでいます.彼女は英語での案内がメインで日本語は得意ではないと仰いますが,十分理解出来ます.太平洋自行車を目指す自転車好きの皆さん,彼女に案内をお願いしては如何ですか? (Kerry guided the Pacific-Cycles. Mr.George Lin,the president is a famous designer of bicycles and one of a great master.It was sudden Taiwanese travel for us.She mediated between a meeting with a president, so President Lin explained variously for nearly 4 hours.The Pacific-Cycles is away from the Taipei city,and,we go back and forth by taxii,it took 3 hours.We went to a store of Xiaolongbao by a request of my daughter who accompanied and also had the way back guide us a tour of a military escort change in National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall after we returned to the Taipei city.That our good friend could be made my daughter by the same generation.She says a guide in English is of primary concern and that Japanese isn't good, but we can understand her speaking sufficiently. Every bicycle fancier who would like to visit the Pacific-Cycles should request a guide from her!)

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