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Ximen 西門 tour

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Hi, everyone! I like to go to Ximen (西門) very much. I like to go there with my friends and go to see a movie on weekends. Ximen is a popular shopping district. You can buy everything in Ximen, such as clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, all kinds of candy, souvenirs, and some interesting things. There are lots of delicious food, too. We can taste some snacks in different restaurants or buy something good to eat from vendors. Because it is crowded in Ximen, many street actors will do their best to show their talents. Let's give them a round of applause! Ximen is home to several historical sites, like Ximen Mazu Temple and the Red House Theater. They are prominent buildings from the Japanese era. In addition, the street graffiti culture in Ximen is very special. It is worth for a look. You can have your hair cut, get a tattoo, and do a foot massage in Ximen!
Below are some recommended sites:
-Red House Theater 紅樓: http://www.redhouse.org.tw/info_ja.html
-The Red House Market For Artists & Designers
-Eslite bookstore: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eslite_Bookstore
- Ay-Chung thin noodle阿宗麵線: http://www.ay-chung.com/
- tenpura 賽門甜不辣(天婦羅): http://www.simonfood.com.tw/front/bin/home.phtml
-Modern toilet restaurant 便所主題餐廳
-Roast Mochi
-So Free pizza

We can meet near the Red House Theater. (It is behind Ximen MRT Exit 1.)

Activity Reviews (3)


Jerry is a very sweet and kind person. He took my brother and I around Ximending. He was also very accommodating to our request and took us to another Night Market. It was great to travel with a local and learning about his life. True Taiwan Hospitality! Highly recommend.


Great activity!! We enjoyed walking around 西門, the district young people gathered. There were many shops, restaurants and young people. And I also was interested in Jerry's research theme of PHD! He is really a nice guy.


Jerry is a gentle and kind person. He loves Ximen 西門 and comes here very often. He took me to all over the Ximen. Before joining his tour, I thought Ximen is just a town for teenagers. But actually, Ximen is a quite mixed-up town with fashion shops for teenagers, movie theaters, old but popular restaurants, sweet shops, and the Ximen traditional building. I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot, maybe because Ximen is Jerry's favorite town. I could share his passion for Ximen.

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: US$20 / Person
: Taipei, Taiwan
: 3 hours

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Hi, everyone! I am Jerry. I grow up and never feel bored in Taipei! I like to travel in Taipei by MRT. I am a fifth year PhD student in biomedical science. I am willing to be your tour guide. Welcome to Taiwan!

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