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Heritage Tour!

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What does the tour entails?
1. Chinese culture
We'll walk around Chinatown, exploring the area, rich in culture, history spoken by the intricate architectures seen in the area. We will then proceed to the Sri Mariamman Temple to visit the South Indian Temple and it's humble beginnings. After which, we will proceed to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and explore the buddhism temple.

2. Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay is the hotspot for the nightlife in Singapore. We will by pass to proceed to the Fort Canning Park. There's plenty of flora and fauna to capture. The is also the Keramat, where the tomb of the late Iskandar Shah, the last Malay King of Singapore.

3. Bugis Street
Here lies the most popular shopping street in Singapore. You can get great bargains with good quality assured. You'll find many teenagers within the area as well, it's as though you've walked into Harajukku of Tokyo. We will explore the Sultan Mosque along Arab Street, and the Malay Heritage Centre.

4. Little India
Lastly, we will explore the area where you'll find many rich culture and exposure of the Indian community in Singapore. You'll notice small vendors threading and selling garlands. Mustafa Centre is like Tokyo's Akihabara. Do be wary of the prices, some may be good bargains, some may not, so always have a local with you as the locals will be more aware of the pricing, hence saves you from being cheated.

What does the cost covers for?
Entrance fees & travelling expenses.

Where do we meet?
Your hotel lobby. It's the easiest place to meet, convenient to you, and easier for me to find you. :D

See you real soon! :D


: US$40 / Person
: Singapore
: 6 hours

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