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Map-pin-grey Singapore

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This tour covers the main city of Singapore, where you can find the Merlion Park, the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM), Victoria Concert Hall and Theatre (VCH), the Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands (MBS), Shoppes at MBS, Gardens by the Bay, and the Float.

Dependent on which locations you'd like to venture, the tour is between 3hrs to 6hrs. Cost of tour is dependent on locations covered, as it'll include the entrance fee to the venue (except for free entry places like the Merlion Park).

Tips for travelling in Singapore City:
- Comfort wear (light clothes, sandals/slippers/shoes) to beat the tropical heat
- Sunblock, hats/caps, sunglasses
- Cameras
- Foldable umbrellas/ponchos in case it rains

Meeting Point: Hotel lobby

See you real soon! =D

Activity Reviews (2)


We just spent a wonderful day with Eleanor in Singapore. She showed us her wonderful city and we had a very good time.

Unfortunately we had an unexpected rain storm in the middle of the day (a monsoon really!) but Eleanor found a way for us to travel under ground through massive shopping centers and she found some new and interesting sights and experiences out of the rain.

I would highly recommend Eleanor for anyone traveling to Singapore!


This was a first time experience for using Meetrip, and let me say I was impressed, I am now leaning more toward travels that is supporting and sharing the experience with locals, both accommodation and tours were their providing the service directly, not the corporation.

On this occasion I took a tour of the city of Singapore with Eleanor, as I transit though Singapore as a stop over from Australia and have never spent more than a day, it was great way to get a succinct overview of the city, and develop a better understanding of the people of Singapore, they way they live.

I liked that Eleanor, had a pleasant nature, easily to converse with and seemed to have all the answers to my question, I just hope she didn’t have a massive migraine by the time I left, as I asked plenty of questions, but there were no complaints from her, helpful to the very end.

I can’t compliment her enough; it was fantastic and will give foundation on future visits, to Singapore.

Highly recommended, Eleanor Thank you


: US$50 / Person
: Singapore
: 3 hours

Ask to Eleanor

About LocalHost

An easy going person with a temper if messed with...

+ cheerful
+ always laughing
+ cute? (up to u to decide)
+ straightforward
+ observes before trusting anyone

- hates backstabbers, liars, wanna-bes, two-faced ppl

You don't like me, that's not my problem. Just don't make my life a living hell just coz of your presence. You'll pay dearly for that...

If I don't like u, that's final. Nothing can change that.

Loves traveling, music (very much into Jpop & Jrock), everything about Japan (sorry Japan biased... Hehee ^^), Jdrama, and most of all, FOOD!!! :D

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