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Famous for their bustling ports and fantastic night life, there is a whole arrangement of things to do in Singapore. With a unique blend of Chinese, Indian, and Malay influences, from food to shopping, this city attracts travelers from all over the world. One of the best things to do in Singapore is relax in any of the lush public parks, scattered between the high-rise buildings.

Singapore Ranking by Locals

Universal Studios Singapore Tour Guide
No.1 Universal Studios Singapore Tour Guide Star_50

I would recommend a weekday visit (non-public holiday), so you can go for second or third rounds on the rides that yo...

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Singapore Zoo Tour Guide
No.2 Singapore Zoo Tour Guide Star_50

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, preferably light clothes to battle through the tropical weather of Singapore... B...

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Gardens By The Bay Tour Guide
No.3 Gardens By The Bay Tour Guide Star_45

Go for comfort fashion, clothes and footwear, you'll need it to beat the heat and weather in tropical Singapore. Smac...

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Bugis Street Tour Guide
No.4 Bugis Street Tour Guide Star_45

Shopping on a budget?? Then Bugis Street is the place to go! It's like the Harajukku of Tokyo, you'll see mostly teen...

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No.5 National Orchid Garden Tour Guide

National orchid garden is popular with the locals and tourists for its big area if flora and greenery so rarely found...

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No.6 Singapore Botanic Gardens Tour Guide

If you'd like to have a picnic, Singapore Botanic Gardens is a to-go place. With the lush greenery, history within...

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