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Shoot!~ I thought I had to make each activity posting. It takes too much time. So I post everything about me in my profile. So if you’re interested in anything from my tour guide list, let me know.
<about me>
Hi!~ my name is Kay W. Joe. Just call me Kay. I am 36. I am an English teacher. I love travel and meeting good friends. I have several hobbies. Mountain hiking, traveling, taking pictures, bike riding, driving, reading, watching movies, restaurant tour, etc… too many??? LOL I have been to several places in Seoul and I love to travel all over Korea with my small van!! So I have been to so many places. And one seat in my small van is open for my friend any time so if you want to join, feel free ask!!!
<My availability>
I work from Monday to Friday from 2pm to 10:30.
# Half day on first Saturday - I have a volunteer from 10 to 2pm
# Evening to night time on 4th Saturday – work only 4th Saturday.
# whole day on 2nd, 3rd Saturdays
# whole Sundays
# whole national holidays.
<the places I can bring you to>
1. Half day trip
# restaurant delicacy tour
# cultural spots in Seoul – Kyungbok palace, Insadong, book chon
# Park area – chung gye chun, Seoul land, Lotte world, and other famous parks, Namsan tower
# some famous shopping areas,- dongdaemoon, myungdong
# museums,
2. Whole day trip
# mountains – book han national park, Gwanak & dobong mountain, etc…
# cultural spots in other cities – han gook minsokchon(Korean cultural village), boo yeo cultural tour
# bike riding along the river
# suburban area – choonchun, etc…
# some islands tour on western sea
3. 2 days trip
# camping sites- car camping, camping on beaches,
# eastern sea tour and sul ark mountain
# cave trip
# some festivals
I don’t need money!~~ my salary is fine. So only money you have to give is the gas fee if you choose to trip with my van!~ sorry but it is only for 2 people. So if you come with your friend. you need to pay for renting a car if you want to trip with a car. If you choose public transportation, I will pay my travel cost. But I will appreciate your food treat LOL~~~

Work and Education:

  • ING
  • George Brown College · Class of 2005
  • 영훈 · Class of 1996

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