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  • I want to go to Gyeongbokgung!
  • I want to Eat very local foods

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    Jaelyn (Seoul)

    What are the best places to eat and shop also markets ect.

    Hello. May I recommend you some places? :)

    I am Thai but I used to had a great time in Korea as a native last month.(I can speak Korean language) the best place to shopping is "Myeongdong market"(명동 시장), You can eat local food anywhere in Korea. And don't forget to go to Hangang park.(한강 공원) it's very beautiful! (If you can't find a local guid in Korea, you can contact me then.)

    Hope you enjoy your trip in Korea! :)

    Yang (Seoul)

    Hello. I'm Hiwan from South korea. I would like to host for you.

    But, there is an another app and website that I’ve known.
    Mostly Korean univ. students including me

    looks like an meeting up with korean university students.
    but I think other differences is that traveling with them in the Seoul city as private.

    Some payment is needed.
    Of course, there is a walking tour and having just one cup of coffee with them.
    It’s a good idea to travel with real korean friends, not a guide.

    go and check out if you interested in meet up with Koreans.
    It looks pretty fun experience

    If it's rude for. would be good if you understand!
    Have a good day.

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