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I learned in deciding problem of life something more than reason is needed, if we are able to find wisdom and success, one must listen first to the counsels of the mind, not always the counsel of the heart.

my friends often describe me as a banter. however, I'm not born as a banter either. i don't know but whenever i go along with them they always please me to render a song and a dance number (sort of energizer). i love to write essay about life. i love music too. during my spare time, i would prefer listening to my favorite music as i read my favorite books...... anyway, criticism's always welcome. i will treasure it much if you will do so.

2011 was a quite year for me. so many friends i ran into. so many memorable and worthy experiences i had gone through and most of all, somehow, my personality improved much. as i face 2011, nothing would change! but my hunger in knowledge will still go on-i will continue striving. all of the mistakes i had done were all treasure for me-but not doing it again though my guide for improvement!

welcome 2012.............and i promise i will always embrace you with great optimism!
well, i can say that year 2011 was such a good year. there were so many things, people, experiences and even places that won't be forgotten. I grew much strong, wise and mature than ever expected. this was the year that had given me overwhelming privileges that even in my dreams, i had never been expecting to happen. but life is a continuous process. we are all subjected to changes and development. this thereby means that this year-2012-i still be the same person that everyone used to know.same person with more knowledge to share, more jokes to make and more time to help.

may the light of heaven always shine upon my path!!!

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