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Makati, Manila PH

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Language: English, Tagalog

► Hi, my name is Rose. I'm a hiker, biker and backpacker. My latest hike was in Mt. Fuji in Japan last year but since I enjoy much of the trip, I am now focus more on backpacking domestic and international trips. I travelled asian countries. I create my DIY (do-it-yourself) trips and I'm confident that I can do the same to you so you can enjoy and have a taste of our Philippine culture.

Should you have other questions please don't hesitate to message/ask me.

► My Hobbies
- hiking, biking, backpacking

► My best travel experience
- Mt. Fuji in Japan plus the japanese culture is awesome. My favorite is Kyoto among the three places I've been. Has plan of coming back there during their autumn season.

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2016 Manila Night Life

Price: US$50


Mount Samat Day Hike

Price: US$100

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