Manila, Philippines



Language: Tagalog, English

The main facts you have to know about me:

-Shy and reserved.
-Naturally honest
-generous and sympathetic.
-Loves peace and serenity.
-Sensitive and has deep thoughts
-Gets angry really easily but does not show it
-Appreciative and returns kindness.
-Observant and assesses others.
-Loves to dream and fantasize.
-Loves traveling.
-Loves attention.
-Hasty decisions in choosing partners.
-Loves home decors.
-Loves special things.
-Quiet unless excited or tensed.
-Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds.
-Romantic but has difficulties expressing love.
-Loves reality and abstract
-Changing personality
-Rebellious when restricted
-Loves entertainment and leisure
-Tries to learn to show emotions.
-Sexy in a way that only a lover can see.
-No good memory
-Choosy and always wants the best
-Loves to dress up
-Always broods about the past and the old friends
-Thirsty for praises

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