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Experience Philippines in a local way!

Map-pin-grey Manila, Philippines

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A guide to backpackers who would want to experience Philippines in a local way. Meeting point: anywhere in Manila.

Meeting point: Guest's Hotel lobby
Please note that this tour would mainly include guiding you through the local transportations and guest will have to try riding local buses / jeepneys/ or trains with the tour guide. To feel as if you're part of the locals.


: US$15 / Person
: Manila, Philippines
: 2 hours

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About LocalHost

We only LIVE once and in this temporary journey what do u think is far more important? your happiness? or other people's prejudices? Is it really imperative to live your life the way the society dictates it to be?

"Men must rule over women". And if your life is the other way around, they'll criticize your every being because you fell short of other's expectations. They condemned you because you've changed what the books had written, and you've played a different role.They criticize you because you are a woman with a will of a man. And in your hands you've chosen to rule instead of being ruled.

They say stupidity is a crime. But what is its parameters? Humans are capable of doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result. We call it insanity and others call it stupidity. BUt that's the truth about us. None of us is perfect, though we may try to be but oftentimes we fail. We always point our fingers towards other people's flaws, forgetting our own imperfections.None of us is GOD. How dare us to judge, when we ourselves are to be judged.

Philosophers would say that a wise man learns from others mistakes and not by their own mistake. Now if you want to be WISE yet unhappy.. then so be it. Don't drag others to like what you like and do what YOU think is right.

We only walk on this earth once.
We may have different ways how to live and love.
We may have different formulas yet we arrive at one answer... Life would be empty without Love. And that being said, wealth is not in this equation... ^_^

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