Excited Excursion Guide
"at City Buffet in Robinsons Galleria"

Excited Excursion Guide

Manila, Philippines


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Activity Detail

Duration: 4 hours

Places to Guide: Baclaran Market, Taal Volcano, Greenbelt Park, Quiapo Church

To see TAAL VOLCANO in Batangas, I would really recommend we stop over in TAGAYTAY. You will enjoy the food in there and the music, specially at BULALO POINT while eating in the NIPA HUT. then will walk a bit while the stomach is grinding the food and see the wonderful scenes like the top view of the taal volcano. Then there's zipline and picnic grove, riding of horse and take pictures, wonderful souvenirs to be purchased in such an affordable price and have a great taste of their SPECIALTY, BUKO PIE.

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