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JUL 2013

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About my Manila travel:
  • I want to go to Intramuros!
  • I want to water sports

I'm planning to do some shopping and water sports in Manila, but I have no idea where I should go first and where are the best places, I will stay with my family for four days, please..any advice? thanks..

Welcome to Manila!

Hi Miss! I can guide you in Intramuros and the shopping part. As for water sports, what kind do you have in mind? I think there's nothing like that here in Manila, we can go to Subic for that, if you want. =)

But if you just wanted to do relax and having to do with water, I have some suggestions. Hope to hear from you ;)

2012-11-30_21.01.57 Melanie (Manila)

Welcome to Manila! Hi Sokakicaty! How are you? I hope your doing fine! I hear you like shopping and water sports if you need help im here willing to help you as i can. So when do you plan to visit here? I know places close to Manila like Batangas fort so theres a beaches there if you like i can bring you in this place or in north in subic bay. Im wondering when do you come and how many you guys are coming if you like i can find good hotels for you! If you need help by me send me message here or you can check my number to my profile. THANKS SO MUCH AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY STAYING HERE IN MANILA.

Stringio Linda (Manila)

Welcome to Manila!Hello sokakicaty best place to go for water sports is boracay where you can do snorkling , agua dive , parasailing , banana boat , flying fish , water ski , water surfing and swimming but still there's a lot of water sport to go in manila not only boracay but that's my first suggestion to you for boracay is one of the best beach in town and in the world too.Shopping is realy not a problem at all you can do it after your water sports adventure as well as visiting intramuros...contact me any time of day.

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