Nguyen’s Manila Trip

JAN 2014

Help Nguyen with travel ideas

About my Manila travel:
  • I want to know the best places to visit in Manila!
  • I want to eat very local food

Hi Nguyen! The above places you mentioned can be done in a couple of hours since it's only in Manila area. So what kind of places you have in mind to visit exactly? Let me know so I can make suggestions =)

Open-uri20130418-16202-1dr1ata?1366271468 Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi Jo,

Thank you so much for your response. Below are my flight scheduled:

Saigon - Manila: 04:30 AM on 23/01/2014
Manila - Cebu : 10:05 AM on 23/01/2014
Cebu - Godofredo P.Ramos( Boracay): 03:00PM on 25/01/2014
Kalibo - Manila: 11:00AM on 29/01/2014
Manila - Saigon: 10:50PM on 29/01/2014

Base on my flight schedule, Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you,

Frank Nguyen

Hi Frank... Cebu is a great place to explore and so is Boracay... will get back to you later.

=) Jo-Ann

Open-uri20130418-16202-1dr1ata?1366271468 Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City)

Thank you Jo,

I'm very happy to see your feedback :)


Frank Nguyen

Hi Frank,
Based from your flight schedule, you have no time to enjoy Manila on the 23rd. You only have a couple of hours before your flight to Cebu. On the 29th, let’s keep that open. I’ll concentrate more on Cebu and Boracay. It's been a while since I've been to Cebu and Boracay but I'll try my best to give you my best suggestions.
Jo-Ann Poyaoan

great suggestions...

Cebu: Food,mangoes(dried, shake, pie, cake, candy) and otap, Sutukil; Top of Cebu (be there before sunset); Crown Regency Hotel and Towers for the edge coaster and sky walk, sky extreme; Taoist Temple, Magellan’s cross, Sto. Nino Basillica; Cebu-Oslob whale shark watching and Tumalog Falls

Open-uri20130418-16202-1dr1ata?1366271468 Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City)

Thanks Jo

You're welcome Frank...

Boracay: Island hopping/tour; Water sports(banana boat, flyfish, reef walking) ; Night life; D’mall & D’talipapa; Henna Tattoo; Massage; Snorkeling; ATV riding

*Your visit here in Manila is still far, you can still decide what you really want to do in Cebu and Boracay. Do practice your bargaining power. Also, hope for good weather during those time. Once it's near, we can make an itinerary. Hope my above suggestions help =)

Until then,
Jo-Ann Poyaoan

Open-uri20130418-16202-1dr1ata?1366271468 Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi Jo,

Really appreciated for your suggestion ;)

Best wishes,

Frank Nguyen

Stringio Linda (Manila)

Welcome to Manila!Hello Nguyen may I suggest to you this you may go first to boracay then proceed to cebu your last destination to avoid hassle there is a trip from boracay to cebu...and manila off course....

Open-uri20130418-16202-1dr1ata?1366271468 Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi linda,

Thanks so much for your suggestion. However we booked the flight already!

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