Joseph’s Manila Trip

DEC 2013

Thinking of visiting

    Help Joseph with travel ideas

    About my Manila travel:
    • I want to know the hidden spots not in a travel guide book!
    • I want to look for a local guide.
    Stringio Linda (Manila)

    Yes joseph there's alot of places to go not most popular in travel guide but yet beautiful...even in the most popular places if you're in budget you can still avail....

    Hi Joseph! =) What kind of hidden spots do you have in mind? Let me know first before I make suggestions.

    Mmmmm. I don't really know yet. I wanted to find a spot on a beach somewhere that is turquoise color & nice sand. But I guess what I'm looking for is a travel guide for maybe a week/24 hrs/day in the month of Dec 2013. Doable?

    Turquoise color and nice sand? There is only one place that I've been that exactly describe it like that> Bantayan Island in Cebu. I think it's doable, my mom can take care of my angel for me, cross my finger. Anyway, is it 1st, 2nd week of December?

    Stringio Linda (Manila)

    I suggest the BORACAY,CAMIGUIN,MALAPASCUA,CARAMOAN ,CUERCA as I used to be there...

    Stringio Linda (Manila)

    and there is more to go other than that ....even if you are on a budget you can still go to boracay...


    Hi Joseph, check this out>>>

    Stringio Linda (Manila)

    Cool got it joseph..since you are adventorous about the sagada,mt.pinatubo,mt.apo,picos de oro,mt.taal,mt. samat,pundaguit,and more/etc.for trekking and biking...siargao,boracay,baler,palawan,samal,bohol, borawan,puerto galera and more/etc.for beach , diving and water fun activites....

    aildotcom----see my previous post.

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