CinDy’s Manila Trip

FEB 2014

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About my Manila travel:
  • I want to know the best places to visit in Manila!
  • I want to visit the most popular places and eat local foods
Stringio Linda (Manila)

among the best places in manila is Boracay , palawan , bohol , zambales , tagaytay , bicol , baguio , sagada , hundred island ,ilocos , batanes , cebu , apo island , mt. apo , laguna , puerto galera , davao and more it is you who will make a pick and choice....

Stringio Linda (Manila)

Welcome to Manila!

Hi CinDy and friend! You were thinking of visiting Taal volcano, there's a tour package for that called Taal Volcano crater tour package ranging from 900 to 1500/head. Let me know if you are interested... UST is in España Manila, it's one of the best universities here in the Philippines and has a museum and botanical garden... I haven't been in Corregidor Island but I can still help you get there =)... Since you are coming in Manila on the month of February, would you like to see the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga? The rate this year was 950/head and it was a good tour package. I hope my suggestions helped. Hope to hear from you. >>> =) Jo-Ann Poyaoan

Stringio Linda (Manila)

Welcome to Manila!You will take a ride of ferry or cruise to get to corregidor for a day tour it's just an hour of sail to get may also stay for a day or two hotel and restaurant are also available there....

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