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JUL 2013

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About my Manila travel:
  • I want to go to Intramuros!
  • I want to sight seeing

Hi Bruce! When do you plan to go to Manila and go sight seeing? I can help you go around. Jo-Ann Poyaoan

2012-11-30_21.01.57 Melanie (Manila)

Welcome to Manila! Hi Bruce, how are you? So when do you habe plan to come in Manila? I can tour you here in MANILA like what you like the Intramumor place is a nice and very quite place. But if you want to sight seeing we can go to Manila Bay, Luneta Park etc, I know lot of good places here even i live in Bulacsn NORTH place. If you want more to go visit the good beaches here i can tour you in North like Subic Bay,La Union, San Fernando, La Union, Bagui, Benguet etc. and more in South theres a place like Batngas Fort, Tagaytay, Nasugbu Batangas, Pagsanjan Falls or Pueto Gallera. if you like to travel by air i can bring you in Palawan, Bohol and Camiguin they have good beaches there too. So i hope you like my offer to you and if you have chance to go with me i know you dont feel bored. By the way my name is Khim from Bulacan. TAKE CARE and Have a safe trip in MANILA!

2012-11-30_21.01.57 Melanie (Manila)

Welcome to Manila!

Stringio Linda (Manila)

Welcome to Manila!Hi bruce june month up to august is not the best time to travel in manila for it is a rainy season. But if your plan is unbeatable you can only see what is not realy you want to visit but if being lucky and the weather is up to you you may visit the nearby sight as intramuros,luneta park ,eco park , makati , bay side and some indoor places...during rainy season some sight seeing are then prohibited to go . best time to go here and travel/stroll more beautiful places in manila is from month of september to may where highlights of beaches is really astonishing and attractive events and sigth seeing is abouncing...Hope you'll enjoy you travel plan.

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