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calesa at Intramuros - cover photo
NOV 2013

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About my Manila travel:
  • I want to go to Intramuros!
  • I want to go to the beach

Hi! Maybe I can help you... jo- ann poyaoan

Stringio Linda (Manila)

Welcome to Manila!Yes Clipperson nice to know your coming to manila . what beach you want to go ? there's a lot of beaches here and I can bring there.

Welcome to Manila!

Stringio Linda (Manila)

Welcome to Manila clipperson!November is good to travel anywhere in the philippines and the nearby beaches in luzon is batangas , bataan and subic next from batangas is puerto galera and boracay (this is very accessible and good place to swim where there is water activities to avail and enjoy with)and the rest more is far ahead cebu,davao,palawan,bohol,dumaguete,siargao romblon,quezon,pangasinan,bicol and the later part of mindanao which is in commotion right now...fort santiago or intramuros is fine to visit but this is not really a big place to go....I have latest pictures of intramuros or fort santiago last 9-7-13 and I can bring you there if you are really interested to go contact me through meetrip once you settle your booking or travel make a clear contact to your tour person (me)for the booking also on the beach you want to go and the other travel advice and dues...

Stringio Linda (Manila)

Welcome to Manila!You pay a minimal fee of 75p/px for the entrance to fort santiago...when I go there I never pay entrance fee because I joined the mass with my relatives held during every first saturday of the month early morning and organized by the phil-korean church....

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