Go to Ayala Triangle Gardens!
Tamami’s Manila Trip

SEP 2013

Help Tamami with travel ideas

About my Manila travel:
  • I want to go to Ayala Triangle Gardens!
  • I want to go to famous sightseeing spots around Makati city.Where would you recommend?

Hi Tamami! Ayala Triangle garden is great. Other things you can do in Makati are visiting Ayala Museum and Yuchengco Museum, Greenbelt Chapel and do walking around Greenbelt... =) Jo-Ann

Hi,Jo-Ann!Thank you for your kind information about Makati!I know "Greenbelt",but I don't know that the place has a Chapel!!
Thank you again:)

Hi Tamami,

You're welcome. It's in the heart of Greenbelt.Let me know if I can be of assistance to you... =)

Best regards,
Jo-Ann Poyaoan

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