Male Shingo

Hida-shi, Gifu, Japan



Language: English, 日本語

► About Me
- Hi my name is Shingo. Just in case I don't look like the profile picture which was taken at Holy festival in India. I grew up in Hida Furukawa, spending 18 years in the town. After high school, I went to university around Tokyo and had an opportunity to study at California State University as an exchange student.
- My first career was investment banker in Tokyo, which coincided the time Sub-prime crisis started to appear. Spending 7 years in the bank, I learned and experienced so many important things.
- In 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake happened. This made me feel like going back to my hometown more although I always thought about it.
- Before going back, I decided to take an MBA program in UK, which was one of my dreams.
- Now I am back in my hometown in order to achieve my vision: Revitalize my hometown by making the town famous in the world.
- In order to do so and to improve my knowledge about my hometown, I have decided to do Hida Free Tours as a volunteer.

► My Hobbies
- Love traveling, reading, skateboarding, and guiding my hometown to people from all over the world.
- Most recently interested in European history

► Favorite Quotes
- Be a traveler, not a tourist
- You will never fail until you stop trying
- Stay hungry stay foolish
- You are the average of 5 people you spent most time with

► My best travel experience
- Travel to Brussels in July 2015. At first honestly speaking I did not have good impression on the city when I arrived. After taking walking tour by local, everything looked different and I got to like the city. This experience was really something to me. A guide by a true local has huge power.
- Backpacking to India was really fun as well. I made a local friend and he invited me to visit his company's office. We ate local food together and he even gave me souvenirs! It was all done by good will.

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