Nature Side and Small Streets of Kyoto
"Honen-in, on the philosopher's path near Ginkakuji"

Nature Side and Small Streets of Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan


Coming from France, I now live in Kyoto. I Speak English, Japanese and French. Fond of Kyoto, I crossed it in all directions with my bike and cl... (read more)

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Duration: 1 hour

Places to Guide: Arashiyama, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, Katsura Imperial Villa, Silver Pavilion / Ginkaku-ji, Nanzen-ji Temple, Gion, Kodai-ji Temple

Visiting Kyoto can be overwhelming, there is so much to see!
Also if you follow a guide book, it will not lead you along the less known -but so charming- little streets and secret places of this ancient city.
You should also know that Kyoto's settling place was carefully chosen according to it's wonderful nature, a perfect mix coming from the central river and mountains circling it. I do not want you to miss that.

I propose that we let aside bus and taxi for a time. Hiking to the best view points, seeing the hills and waterfalls, and riding bikes (i will provide bikes for you) along the small streams and typical back streets. Naturally, also visiting the most charming temples and shrines that Kyoto is known for.
And why not try for yourself the outside natural thermal baths while admiring the mountain view, relaxing both your body and your mind.

After such adventure, you will enjoy the best ramen of the city and get your forces back for a new day.

From half a day to a whole week, let's decide what really interests you:

Kyoto Trail hiking courses,
Daimonji mountain, a small hike but the best view on Kyoto and Osaka,
Kurama Onsen and Kurama Temple (famous power spot and thermal source),
Harashiyama and the bamboo forest,
Tetsugaku no michi (philosopher's path) and it's cherry blossom,
Temples : Ginkakuji, Kinkakuji, Daitokuji, Kyomizudera, and a lot more lesser known,
Gion Machi, where Geisha live in traditional wooden houses...
In small restaurants : ramen, sushi, isakaya, yakitori - you will taste real Japan

You name it or just rely on my advice, we will make a list of what you want to do and plan accordingly.

Discuss your travel plan! The local host wants to hear what you are interested in doing.

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My husband and I met Guillaume in Kyoto in Gion by the Shijo temple. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the city and also the history and culture. He told us stories and history about the temples we visited. The path we took was very effecient and we managed to see a great deal of things in the 3 hours we had with him.
I would recommend Guillaume to any one visiting Kyoto, especially those interested in hearing more about what you visit.
Also he recommended the best ramen bar so we checked it out, it was easily the best we've ever had.
Thanks Guillaume!

We met up with Guillaume and he took us around Gion district and through the side streets Brought us to a Okonomiyaki place that only locals know of and it was very tasty. HE also gave us alot of tips and pointers of places to go around Kyoto, which was very helpful. Overall it was a pleasant enough experience.

One thing that is not mentioned in the Post is that he charges 15/pp per HOUR. On Meetrip it doesn't say that so when you pay you only pay the per person rate. Originally we agreed on 3 hours while we were emailing back and forth, but when we met up with him he told us it was the hourly rate, so we had to cut the time down to 2 hours because I didn't have any more money on hand.

My wife and I had a 6 hours tour with Guillaume, through the eastern part of Kyoto. We visited many lovely places (in particular a zen garden, the Ginkakuji temple, the philosopher's walk, the Gion area).
Guillaume knows the town and its history very well. So he was able to give us explanations about each momument, which made the tour very interesting.
Although young, Guillaume does speak Japanese and has a lot of experience in guiding tourists. This day in Kyoto was a great moment for us.
August 6th, 2014

It was perfect. I'm always fascinated about the lives of expats. He is FRENCH married to a local.

He knows the area pretty well and history. Did what I felt was non-guidebook stuff like this odd small east-west train winding through people's backyards!

Recommend the trip.

He left us near Gion so I could hunt a Geisha and I saw two!!!

Next time I'd rather stay with him than my hotel in Gion.

Discuss your travel plan! The local host wants to hear what you are interested in doing.

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