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books(Sneaker Freaker, Otaku Densha),
movie & shows(Forrest Gump , Full Metal Panic?Fumoffu, Inu × Boku SS, Evangelion,basically all about anime) ,
music(Yannick Bovy,Tiesto,Daft Punk,Hardwell,Justice,SwedishHouseMafia,A-Trak)

Reviews by Juno (2)

she is enthusiasm..which help me through my journey in wonderful tokyo.She would pay attention to every detail I gave, even the very minor details ,she really would remembered and apply it, to suit my amazing trip in Tokyo.
I was really glad to have known Miho. She speak very well English language and of course Japanese & I learned Japanese language from Miho too.
Even before I reach Japan , she already been helping me a lot, contact the places(Inn) I'm staying, giving me information about the Inn,she even contact the inn to inform about my late arrival to inn, which make me very grateful. Especially I'm travel for first time in a concrete jungle ,wonderful Tokyo.
She prepare a memo detail & information (home-made pamphlet) to me. What more could I ask, she's amazing!!

Let's begin the journey,
Firstly ,we went to a fine Ramen Restaurant(taste awesome) and i ordered big-size-bowl ,its really big bowl of delicious ramen! Which I took about 38mins to finish & Miho wouldn't mind to wait me finish my ramen.
Then we walk to Shibuya Parco, to visit Medicom Toy Exhibition ,we see many different kind of figure toys and Be@rbrick! I'm loving it! Miho like it too, contagious Medicom Toy.
It's my birthday , Miho got me a Birthday-special-version Be@rbrick as present to me. I'm very happy as I'm getting a Birthday Edition(limited-edition) Be@rbrick on my first time birthday in wonderful Tokyo.
After that, we continue to Akihabara . It would be my first visit to Akihabara ,& both of us were very surprised ! Otaku culture is interesting and fun. I'm having so much fun because Miho know every alley in Akihabara so I could get myself many figure toys at very good price and rare figure toys!
We went to a big building of arcade game center ,amazing! Otaku is so fun!
The journey haven't done.
We continue to a Maid-Cafe!! for me is First-Timer, and it's kinda embarrass for me ,as I'm first-timer, but when Miho is around, it was so much fun! we were having good conversation with each other and with "maid" too..
Time flies so fast..especially when Miho is around..
Thank you very much Miho
Domo arigatogozaimashita.

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