Experience the Malaysian's lifestyle from breakfast to lunch! 1
Experience the Malaysian's lifestyle from breakfast to lunch! 2
Experience the Malaysian's lifestyle from breakfast to lunch! 3
Experience the Malaysian's lifestyle from breakfast to lunch! 4
Experience the Malaysian's lifestyle from breakfast to lunch! 5
Experience the Malaysian's lifestyle from breakfast to lunch! 6
Experience the Malaysian's lifestyle from breakfast to lunch! 7
Experience the Malaysian's lifestyle from breakfast to lunch! 8
Experience the Malaysian's lifestyle from breakfast to lunch! 9

Experience the Malaysian's lifestyle from breakfast to lunch!

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Half day tour from breakfast to lunch
Malaysian's breakfast & local morning activity
8.00am - Meet at Lot 10 Shopping Mall at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Intro to local's breakfast spread & lifestyle, a tour to local biggest wet morning market, chinese temple. Followed by electrical appliances street. Proceed with a local popular lunch, if you are adventurous otherwise we can stick with your lunch preference ie western/ vegetarian/ japanese/ halal foods & etc. Wrap up with a local wholesale clothing tour.
Cost exclude both meals but included in transport from pick-up point till last activity
Maximum no of person - 3pax adults

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Elaine is so sweet, well-known about Malaysian foods culture and wonderful shopping spots! I stayed a bit away from the city area, so she took me to the centre of KL by her nice car;)

First, we went to eat the Malay local foods. She lead me the restaurant which is the most famous for Nasi Lemak in KL. The Shop name is Village Park Restaurant, then I tried to eat "Nasi Lemak"(Lendang Chicken) . This was my first expression, so it was sooo spicy for me!!;) but, the taste was very nice! and more, she recommended to eat others Malay foods "Teh Tarik(Malay style Tea)","Roti Baker(Malay style Baker)" then, she explained that how to makes Teh tarik and Roti Baker's jam that is made out of coconuts. I really liked Teh Tarik..;) We had a very luxurious time.

Next, we went to Central Market where is big shopping centre in Chinatown. There were variety of souvenirs, Batik Sarong(Malay traditional sarong), Indian Kashmir handcrafts, wooden ornaments...more!

Finally, she recommended to try to eat "Banana Leaf Curry" consist of white rice(made out of banana leaf), many kind of curry and fried chips. This meal came from South of India. And then, she explained about the manner after the meal.

She taught me lots of Malay foods culture, so I was really know a lot about Malay culture. My trip would not have been as fun without her company!

If you have interested in Malay foods culture, you might wanna go with her!;)

Thanks a lots, Elaine!

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: US$10 / Person
: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
: 5 hours

Ask to Elaine

About LocalHost

GOD determines who walks into your life. Its up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay and who you refuse to let go!

I enjoy great tasting food from fine dining to roadside hawker stalls - am willing to do whatever it takes for GOOD foodies :D. For the love of shoes - I have SHOE Fetish - I love all kinds, from boots to high heels, and sandals to sneakers. I think I have ran out of space to keep them. In colours ranging from fuchsia pink to powder blue, I especially love animal prints and some are totally furry! I am addicted to massages and body pampering therapy! I love those refreshing coffee exfoliants, uplifting aromatherapy pure essential oils massage and a warm cuppa ginger tea to complete the whole relaxing regime. I just got to know that yummy yogurt are great moisturiser too.

MY Favourites!
Actors/ Actresses: Matt Damon, Stephen Chow, Anthony Wong, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Christy Chung, Sandra Ng, Miriam Yeung

Accessory: Diamond ring

Animal: Canine - Shihtzu & bull mastiff

Bags: Anya Hindmarch

Band: Abba, Carpenters, 2V1G, Beyond

Beverage: 100% fruit juices & COFFEE

Brand: Salvatore Ferragamo

Car: Audi & Lexus

City: Bangkok & Taipei

Cuisine: Oriental * all time favorite

Colors: White, Gold, Orange & Black

Flower: Sunflowers

Food: Seafood

Fruits: Oranges, mangoes, persimmons, fresh cherries, red dragon fruits, cempedak & durians!

Fragrance: Gucci Envy & Davidoff Cool Water

Game: Billiards & mahjong

Singers: Olivia Ong, Mariah Carey, Eason Chan, Faye Wong

Song: So Nice

Trees: White Frangipani & Royal Palm

My idea of '7 wonders in life'
1. Christmas morning with all the family together.
2. A relaxing glass of wine in the company of REAL friends.
3. Experiencing new & exotic cultures on my travels.
4. The pleasure of cooking and then eating a relaxing meal together with my love one, family and friends.
5. Learning from our mistakes and NOT repeating them!
6. The genuine pleasure of making up after an argument.
7. Not going through life alone. The search is over. Finding someone I want to spend my life with.

Idea of vacation: A spring weather, good massage, great local food & the company of all the people I love. Lots of shopping too!

Ideal home: Modern classic English, absolute white washed, marbles, mirrors, glasses, teak wood, hand crafted wooden photo frames with all the photos of the people I love, cared and will never let go, a walk-in wardrobe that could possibly accommodate all my clothes, bags, fashion accesorries, shoe cabinets that function to keep all my shoes dry, well ventilated, light-up, displayable & showcased. Sun & fresh air. Big windows & doors. A good 3000 sqft, surrounded with trees, top of the hill, not too far from city, neighbourless, dogs run freely, a garage for cars & carpentary works.

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