Language: Bahasa Indonesia, English

Halo! My name is Waristian, you can call me Tia. I am a part-time tour guide, interpreter and translator. I have been doing these part-time jobs in since my first year of university. Right now, I am still studying in the State University of Jakarta in English Literature major. I really enjoy being a tour guide because I like meeting new people from different countries, learning languages and make friends with people from around the world.

If you are looking for a personal assistant in Jakarta during your business trip,either to do market research or looking for business partners for export/import, you may also consider me as your assistant.

I currently also teach Bahasa Indonesia for Expatriates/Foreigners. If you are in Jakarta and you would like to pick up some of the language (Bahasa Indonesia), just contact me! I will teach you some basic survival words, phrases and conversation so that you will be able to interact with people when you are travelling in Indonesia.

Just tell me what your interests are or what destinations you want to visit,and I will be your guide and interpreter.

My schedule is very flexible so don't hesitate to contact me whenever you need a guide, personal assistant, translator and interpreter in Jakarta. I would be glad to be your guide in my city:)

Hope to hearing from you soon... See you in Jakarta!:)


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