strolling around J-town! 1

strolling around J-town!

"Jakarta is a city that never sleep". that is somewhat true. tell me what you want to see and let me take you to it!

Map-pin-grey Jakarta, Indonesia

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we'll definitely go to the place you would love to see. museums? check. events? check. malls? check. just tell me where you want to go. i'm currently corporating with my brother who just opened a tour & travel service to go around indonesia (pssst.. they have friendly price for you!)

we'll strolling around the places you choose, i'll be your guide in bargaining stuffs you want to buy in the streets (except for foods & beverages. sadly it's a fixed price)

friday - saturday - sunday

Meeting Point:
tell me the area where you stay, and i'll be around there to pick you up. make everything easy for you

Price Includes:
paying me

Price Doesn't Include:
foods/drinks, souvenirs, transportation, museum tickets,


: US$11 / Person
: Jakarta, Indonesia
: 4 hours

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About LocalHost

hai, my name is Amalia, but just call me Mia (∫˘▼˘)∫. i'm 18 years old (2012), physically i'm short, (my friends call me shorty(˘⌂˘) ).
i study English Literature in State University of Jakarta, my english is not very well, so i need to improve it, i need more practice too because i always get nervous when i have to talk in english (˘.˘ƪ)
my travel destination is the north pole haha
my favourite band is The Killers!
my favourite food is indonesian foods
feel free to ask me anything (◦'⌣'◦)

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