Jakarta Tour!!! 1

Jakarta Tour!!!

Map-pin-grey Jakarta, Indonesia

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i can pick you up from where you stay. but how about where are we going? how much does it cost? let's talk about it now!


: US$12 / Person
: Jakarta, Indonesia
: 2 hours

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hai, my name is Amalia, but just call me Mia (∫˘▼˘)∫. i'm 18 years old (2012), physically i'm short, (my friends call me shorty(˘⌂˘) ).
i study English Literature in State University of Jakarta, my english is not very well, so i need to improve it, i need more practice too because i always get nervous when i have to talk in english (˘.˘ƪ)
my travel destination is the north pole haha
my favourite band is The Killers!
my favourite food is indonesian foods
feel free to ask me anything (◦'⌣'◦)

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