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Girls or Ladyboys? 5 Gorgeous ... That Completely Ruin Your Common Sense!

Thailand is very famous for ladyboys and everyone knows that. But some of them are extremely gorgeous that you might not believe your own eyes and cry out loud, "He couldn't be this beautiful!"

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There are many beautiful ladyboys in Thailand nowadays and
some of them are superstar, being an internet idol or even an actress in some
dramas and television shows. Here are 5 famous ladyboys who are so stunning
that you have to question yourself again "Are they girls or

1. Poy Treechada

Poy Treechada or the former name, Saknarin, is a Thai famous
actress and model since she's a transgender who won the big beauty competitions
which were Miss International Queen and Miss Tiffany Universe 2004, the world's
biggest transgender competition. Poy plays many roles; for example, on television dramas,
advertisements, movies, or even the TV host as well. 

2. Yoshi Chayada

Yoshi Chayada or Thitikorn (as a boy's name) is mentioned as
the second "Poy Treechada" since they both look really alike and
lovely. Yoshi is now a high school student and most of the time she will be a
representative of the class dressing up as a girl joining in school activities.

Yoshi won the transgender beauty competition and now she's
an actress in the television series called "Love Sick Season2" as

3. Belle Nantita

Belle Nantita used to be a DJ of a radio station in
Nakhonratchasrima Province and then became a singer under Sony Entertainment
Thailand. Later on, she proved her singing talent again by attending one of the
biggest competition television program of the country, Thailand Got Talent. Her
live show on stage was so popular both domestically and internationally. Her Youtube video got more than million views and also was one of the top hundred
popular hit video clips worldwide as well. 

Belle's performance on Thailand Got Talent stage with over 10 million views

4. Film Thanyarat

Film Thanyarat becomes well-known not so different from her
friends as she's the winner from the beauty competition, Miss International
Queen 2007. However, that was not the only issue why she got an attention from
the society. We could say that Film is the first transgender who got a chance
to work as a flight attendant of PC Air.

5. Khaitong Ratrawee

Khaitong Ratrawee was the winner of Miss Tiffany Universe in
2006. She might not be so famous in the television business but nowadays she
started her own business by setting up her own cosmetics brand called Secret
Queen by Ratrawee, which came to a big success later on.

All of above are only some examples of the ladyboys in
Thailand. Of course, their ways of live are not easy being a transgender in the
conservative country, but her works and success are the big proofs. Not only are
they beautiful, but also smart and talented. No doubt why people love and keep
supporting them all along and so can you!

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