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Let's scream out at the new & super excited look of Siam park city

Enjoy your free day at the biggest artificial water park in South East Asia and have fun with new attraction in amusement park!

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Setting & surroundingSiam Park City or in Thai called Suan Sayam is an amusement and water park located in the Khan Na Yao district of Bangkok on 300 acre. Firstly It was established in November 1980 and boasts its biggest artificial sea in the world which provides a spa, many sizes of swimming pool and a 7-storey waterslide. Known as “Sea of Bangkok”, anyone can enjoy this park such like the slogan “Siam Park… World of happiness enjoy unforgettable” not far from their homes. Though it is the longest running park in the country, it has been renovated in 2007 for its success to celebrate its 30th Anniversary in 2010. Siam Park City's working hours for Water Park is 10:00 – 17:00 every day and for the Amusement Park is 11:00 – 18:00 every day.
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Siam Park City is separated into three main zones which are the water park (the biggest pool in South East Asia), the amusement park and a theme park (Siam Genius). The amusement park is then divided into 4 sub zones; X-zone, Fantasy World, Family world and Small World. So, everyone of all ages will enjoy and feel happy here. In addition, there are a Pathfinder camp which is used for scout groups, a huge amphitheater that regularly puts on shows from America, Russia, England and China, and a shelter all located inside the park.

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In new theme, many attractions are added on for the extreme fun and excitement such as Vortex, which is 1 of the 2 worlds largest suspended looping roller coaster, Boomerang, Giant Drop, Aladdin, Si-AmTower, Condor, Top-spin, Mega Dance and the Log Flume. There are also four new rides due to be completed within the next year, which include Pony Express a new family roller coaster.
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There are many restaurants; Si-Am Marine Restaurant. It provides buffet and international menus which are served by professional chef in the comfortable area under the shade of trees near the artificial sea. Log Flume Restaurant offers made-to-ordered food in good price and you can charge energy here before getting fun at Log Flume. Sally Restaurant serves you fast and clean food for the day of joy. Moreover, you can buy the souvenirs, snacks and drinks at Si-Am Shop. Here also provides clean changing room, rental lockers, plastic loop and swimsuit and beach chairs.

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We do care for the customers' safety, so we set the risky assessment as the high policy of safety administration by designing the protection and the safety system into 2 steps which are Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance.

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1. For the weekday entry, we discount the ticket price from 900 to 500 baht! Now you will enjoy every station.

2. From now on until 22 February 2016, Si-Am Lantern Pass can be purchased just 350 baht for at least 131 cm. tall and you can get in every zone except the water park from 5pm to late 10pm and for kids from 101 - 130 cm. tall they will get Si-Am Kids Pack costing just 60 baht. Inside you will enjoy the beautiful giant lantern and sample pf illuminated significant places in 10 Asean countries.

3. Very special for youngster! Just show your student card, then you get the promotion Buy 1 Get 1 Free for buying Si-Am Big Pack Pass or Si-Am Lantern Pass after 3pm and you can play all until 10pm.

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