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Come & dig the root of betrayer at Anti-Corruption Museum

You may wondered if there is such this kind of museum. Well, let's see what's inside the National Museum of Political Corruption.

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On the media such as TV, Newspaper, radio or rumor, you will always hear many incidents involved corruption and misbehavior affecting our country. That's why this museum has been created for. To display and reveal the truth of the corruption in Thailand which hope that people will come and learn from the past, to see it as the improper example.
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Located at the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, the Museum of Thai Corruption is run by the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT), a non-profit organization which is designed to reveal the underlying truths behind 10 major duplicitous cases in Thailand. Here, you will see lots of detailed corruption cases published on Newspaper.
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Inside the museum, it will also publicly condemn the individuals involved in the cases which resulted in massive loss and damage to the country. The 10 major corruption cases that will be showcased are the rice pledging schemes, police station construction fraud, the Raisom media corruption scandal case, the Bangkok Film Festival case, the Klong Darn water treatment scheme fraud, the primary school futsal pitch scandal, the Longan scandal, police booth LED advertising signboards fraud, the scandal involving a former minister of the Ministry of Transport, and the grey-market automobile case.
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For each case, the visitors will have a chance to see the sculpture made for specific subject and there is also the document in detail such as the corruptor, the accomplice, situation taken place, process of corrupting and amount of loss. For instance, there are more than 500,000 millions we have lost from the malefaction of those who just wished the profit for themselves considering as selfish persons.
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Moreover, the public will also be shown how in each case these corrupt individuals had perpetrated their schemes so that in future they will be forewarned of similar machinations and not permit such individuals to gain a foothold in the country. This museum can be a great source or the message being sent out to warn to the public that corruption unchecked can severely damage and cripple an entire nation.
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According to the anti graft organisation, the government’s next course in the battle against corruption will involve the establishment of a master-plan that will setup careful strategies and wide ranging measures to tackle corruption in all forms. It's aimed urging all Thais to take a more proactive role and become more involved in the matter. So, as a citizen in Thailand, we should also be an eye for our country to watch and inspect the nearby surrounding and not to let someone do wrong things like a corruption. It can easily begin with ourselves by, for example, behaving good, or teaching our kids to create the better future for us and for all.

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